you're in two places at once

it's like you're photoshopped

i only want you

i think i'll miss you forever

fuck that

someone is taking care of it


my heart stops

just stop for a minute




te amo

i've trusted you, jerk

you were my hero

you can close your eyes

i put those records on

i will always care

you have to love yourself first

i really like him

waking up beside you

and he has the cutes smile

i like boys who smell good

bad decisions

i think about you everyday

beväpna dig med vingar

sometimes i get angry

your shirt has to go

one of a kind

one boy

i like you, alot

i can't undo what i've done

but sometimes

i'm not arguing

when we first met

i hope karma slaps you in the face

i really want to be with you right now

worrying solves nothing

all you have to do

i like cuddling

how deep

keep your head up high

tonight, sweetheart

are you scared?

your dance

i just want to lay on your chest

kiss me slowly

du är himlen för mig


det var något med din mun

you want to know

in life

what if one day



life is to short to not spend every moment

forget about the rules

and i told you to be patient

magic is something you make

the feeling you get

somebody like you


slowly, and then all at once

you are my sun

don't be silly

each new day

so take a chance

one day you will look back

when you're happy


do what makes you happy

i can't imagine a world without you

you stupid little fuckers

but it's a great wiev

what you want in life

go & do

the amazing moments in life


open you eyes and see the world

enjoy your youth

can't stop thinking about your smile

no sign of intelligent life

shut the

lost my teddy bear


be with someone who can't stay mad at you


you're miniature

promote what you love

our bodies are as two

i'm high as fuck

tomorrow is another chance

isn't about logic

call me maybe


a lady knows how to play the game

stop saying ''i wish''

i moved to the coast


when you speak from your heart

i could destroy everything

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